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An economy is the generating of wealth within a region  -  that's shared with its people.

A Localization verses Globalization generates wealth within regional economies  -  then shares it with people around the world.

An equally fair distribution of wealth should be the ultimate goal of all societies.

eQconomy doesn't hold the wealth, money exchanged from buyer to seller stays in local economies where it can flow.

Local fiat cash currencies is exchanged with digital cash  -  it multiplies supply and demand in local economies.

eQconomy remains neutral, acting as gatekeeper for the Ownership as wealth flows around local and global economies

A Scalable Digital Economy focuses on equality, targets inequality across countries and economies, in all Global Digital Markets.

To do that there needs to be a greater flow in the local commercial activity through sellers to buyers to spread value and wealth.

A scalable Digital Economy ( New Economy ) operates a free trade model that has no fees for the exchange of fiat currencies with digital cash, nor are there any settlement fees or margins added to the exchange rates between the currencies  -  this is a Free Market platform.

A New Economy is a complete global economy that has all elements needed to operate free trade on a global scale in all commerce activity that generates productivity all along the complete supply chain of any industry, in any country.

With technology and connectivity the path the world has traveled down over the last centuries that forged Globalization into commerce has been important for world growth

-  technology has brought about the means for Localization to now carve out the paths for the next centuries.

One specific strategy that the Platform operates with that's different to other economic models, is that the Platform provides the services that have the incentives to complete sales.

-  The New Economy outsources selling so there's a productive environment in supply and demand between buyers and sellers, it applies the strength and flexibility of the velocity of productivity to bring equalibrium to economies.

To understand how much a New Economy will effect the world, one only needs to understand what changes have already been bought about with the Information and Global sectors of the digital world  -  a New Economy will have a direct financial effect on each individual person.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders to stimulate local economies by the initial actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC does the rest.

Globalization and Free Trade are what moves economies, movement is not easily gained when global variants are imposed by some countries to gain the upper hand, Digital Free Trade and Commerce steps away from those limitations and leaps into the New Economy.

The Platform is built on the principle of a bottom up economy that always involves the bottom level of the wealth pyramid, the focus is at the local level where Localization can establish the level playing field before expanding to global markets, it's where the majority of individuals sit, and from where the most benefit can be gained from the enormous activity in commerce around the world, regardless of where individuals are located.

Most countries judge their economic position by the annual GDP growth, this broad way of gauging things can be visualized with a bus driving down the highway with everyone in the country on board, it all looks fine up near the driver but at the back of the bus there are no wheels and many of the passengers are dragging on the ground

-  the back of the bus is where the New New Economy focuses, by placing the wheels back under the bus.

Productivity is the key driver of any genuine economic growth, where production of goods and providing services helps to flow wage incomes back into buying the products and services

-  exchange of goods for payment between a buyer and seller in daily commerce is tracked in real time in the Global Digital Markets.

The New Economy has two unique currencies that are backed by real world productivity, one is UDC, which is a global trading currency, and the other is Cloudfunds, it's Free Economic Value and used as working capital, it's free to earn and use - and has no fees or charges.

The New Economy challenges the status quo that's been formed around the globalization of commerce, by challenging the incumbents that have layered themselves onto the global and local commerce trade over several centuries, back to when exchanges took days if not weeks to complete,

-  those times have now changed with the digital era, now payment in the exchange of trade can be instant but the old world mechanics are still being used to 'shift' trade payment value out of one economy to another, at a cost.

Time has arrived where global free trade can be performed on a Digital Free Trading and Commerce platform, in the truest sense.

The Platform's mechanics are able to reach deep into a country, down into the local community bypassing the bottle-necks, the barriers and incumbents costing money, and give the freedom to complete simple trade and commerce with a buyer or seller in another country, for free.

Digital Cash takes center stage

Digital Free Trade and Commerce is a stand alone New Industry

Brick & Mortar is the new Place Of Trust, again!

Technology will bring the good times

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As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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