DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
    Global crowd will control Automation by controlling Productivity
For automation and productivity to scale equitably in the 21st century  -  a democratic
involvement of people needs to be in control to drive productivity.

New capital flows can now be distributed to the global crowd as free working capital  -
to strategize, via a decentralized process, to fully monetize seller inventories  -  then
giving global users a way to share in the buyer payments made around the world.

The global aggregate demand payments is redirected to validate the Free Economic Value
- FEV, that's initially distributed as working capital  -  replacing the centrally controlled
values of the financial system  -  instead Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital - DFDC
is allocated by global users to fully monetize and perpetually stimulate local economies
in an effervescent sea of productivity .
Global Crowd


Open Market Makers : OMMs  -  the Global Crowd driving Outsourced Selling  
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  . . . it's a job, a business, and everyone can have one!  

Jobs in the future will be different, they'll be much more digital and versatile enough to operate anywhere  -  OMMs will be in the forefront
of generating global productivity  -  earning profit over their deal bidding strategies on a unique democratic bidding platform.

Cloudfunding SMe / Me
Take on the 'Global Economic Challenge'!
'Play to Earn' from the World Economy - from the real economy!

We're all now part of a chaotic and crazy world economy where inequality and debt is rising faster than wages.

If you feel ( or know ) that the cost of living is getting higher and you're forced to take on more debt to maintain your living standard, or maybe you live in a country where you've been excluded from being part of the world economy.

Well you now can take on the world's centralized financial system, and show them how the new digital economy really works
-  not by yourself but along with a decentralized network of global users who have the same mind-set.

Now community members from local economies around the world can independently work with other global users to help generate productivity in local economies, where economic growth is entrenched into the grassroots level.

The grassroots of society is where the real productivity is generated, and now with 'play to earn', everyone can forge their own unique space where they can share in the economic growth and equity in local economies as global stakeholders.

With productivity as the cornerstone of local economies, the new digital economy now has the infrastructure for local supply chains to be tapped for its economic value and used as the ubiquitous exchange of value between buyers and sellers.


Open Market Makers operate their own business as a     Turn Back The Clock     earning money like any other business

  OMMs are market makers, operating from any location  -  competing with other OMMs to win Deals listed by Sellers world wide

OMMs help in Outsourced Selling of Seller inventories  -  OMMs earn a % of Price Demand's Aggregate Demand Buying Prices

OMMs don't handle or receive products, they act as market makers  -  selling for producers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Privacy is paramount for both Sellers and Buyers, and that includes all OMMs  -  each User has their own Global Citizen ID

Displaying products and services shouldn't be time consuming  -  Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising changes that

QwickPic Ready
  It's the new Gold Rush discovery!  

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Gold Rush    
.  .  and this time, everyone gets in on the action!

Open Market Makers ( miners ) are free business entities that can be built to any size, from casual to a full time business.

OMMs and Users can all earn Cloudfunds for free  -  it's Free Economic Value that's collected and used as free working capital.

OMMs have the unlimited opportunity to be involved in global productivity by automatically handling multiple deals with FEV

The selling of products and services is formulated in Smart Contracts, which can only be executed by a Seller's local Buyer

FEV                  Arrow            UDC
Cloudfunds  -  it's Free Economic Value that anyone can earn to compete equally with others  -  from anywhere that's connected.

This equalizing has a direct financial outcome on people  -  access to global Supply and Demand can better their local economy.

Providing new income sources to isolated regions of the world via global commerce will solve many issues such as inequality.

The World Labour MarketPlace helps bridge the gap between wages and inflation of costs that affects the standard of living

Geo-economic competition that's equalized and incorruptible can provide economic growth to regions with limited resources.

The transition of advertising from only being a mechanism of Commerce to a major distributor of Aggregate Demand

-  is key to the ongoing flow of economic growth.

Internet's free working capital is tied to genuine Productivity of products and services in Supply and Demand

-  helping the Global Crowd to fully monetize Seller inventories with the use of Smart Contracts.

Economies are continually stimulated by the distribution of Free Economic Value flowing into hands of local communities

-  it's able to be constantly validated and maintained as a stable and neutral Universally Decentralized Capital.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change in how influence and value cross borders to stimulate

local economies by the actions of local Sellers using free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  Cloudfunding does the rest

on the Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX, where markets are influenced by a democratic bidding process.
  -  OMMs create the new way to sell globally in the New Economy with Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital.
Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital
Global Cloud Productivity
  The Platform has a fully autonomous economic architecture that's structured to form the ComTechX industry

-  it adds the incentives for the Global Crowd to be involved in expanding the decentralized structure.

-  at no time does ComTechX or its associated group hold or accept physical monies on behalf of the global players.
  For the shift from the Old Economy to the New Economy, the Global Crowd gets exponential help with Free Economic Value.
  The economies of scale provides the environment to spread the word exponentially to the Global Crowd
  The Short Term Jobs platform merges with the Open Market Makers to provide the physical side of global productivity
Outsourced Selling Process

OMMs - Open Market Makers share in the final Buying Prices ( Aggregate Demand )
  QwickBids are where Deals are bid for to find the winner, and the buying price.

Every Deal is limited to the number of bidders can register, so OMMs need to be qwick if they have friends or teams they use to help win.

As market makers the OMMs don’t take possession of any items but they do earn the full winning bid back in UDC, plus gain a share in the distribution of the final Buying Price paid ( share of the aggregate demand ).

Something that's unique with the way OMMs and all Users who participate in bidding and buying on the Platform is that everyone is able gain a distributed share from the 'productivity' in all the active locations, as viewed on the Location Activity Screen.
QwickBids isn't like traditional bidding that spends all your 'out of pocket' money,

-  QwickBids for a start has a 20% maximum buying price level, that means the maximum a winning bidder will pay is 20% of the full listed selling price.

The next advantage is the 20% set with each Deal, all bidders can use up to 15% maximum of the seller's full list price allocating Cloudfunds during the pre-bid strategy time,

-  that means 75% of the 20% maximum set for a Deal can be using Cloudfunds.

The more Cloudfunds collected the more Deals that OMMs can participate in.

There are only 3 steps to participate in a Deal after Cloudfunds have been collected and a small amount of funds added to your QwickP2P account.

1.  Register,

This step transfers the Opening bid from your QwickP2P funds to confirm

2.  Set Strategy,

The maximum amount of Cloudfunds can be adjusted in before the Start Time

3.  Wait and watch,

Bidding is defaulted to Auto  -  the amount of bidding funds possibly needed depends on the amount of Cloudfunds used, and if you are eliminated.

So once your strategy is set you can go and find more Deals to bid for, or maybe you need more Cloudfunds.

  OMMs operate just like all Users, everyone can scroll through QwickPic pictures of products and services listed by sellers from around the world to earn Cloudfunds.
  Each Deal is limited on the number of Bidders so OMMs have the same chance as a local buyer to win a Deal, they have the same options to build a team to work together to increase their chances!
  OMMs have use of the UDI Portfolio to collect Location Tokens and get direct benefit from the productivity they are helping to generate around the world
  Blue Dot Open Market Makers - OMM
  Blue Dot OMMs operate as virtual businesses between Sellers and Buyers
    The role of an OMM is to be a virtual wholesaler that competes against other OMM buyers on a unique elimination auction type process to find a winner at prices that are always 20% or less of the listed retail prices  -  that's 80% off the full listed prices.

  Blue Dot OMMs compete with and against each other and 'local buyers'
    The competing values are made up of both monetary bids UDC and Cloudfunds.
Cloudfunds can be earned by downloading an App that can be attached to a browser to earn automatically or scrolling through the QwickPic images of deals coming to the market by businesses around the world.

  Blue Dot OMMs become "temporary owners"
    Any OMM who wins a LA Deal becomes a temporary owner of the products or services  -  the businesses still holds all the physical items in locations somewhere in the world - local buyers can either get in early and try to win the deal in the bidding or hope an OMM wins the deal and the item is released on the Open Market for local buyers at the same winning bid value.

  Blue Dot OMMs earn back their winning bid and share of the Aggregate Demand
    Local buyers are offered the products or services on the Open Market while the OMM temporary owner holds the deal in their account's inventory, as soon as that purchase is made by a local buyer it automatically updates the OMM's QwickP2P Business account with the OMM's winning bid and share of the final Buying Price.

  Blue Dot OMMs are global businesses providing an important service for local businesses
    Businesses that list products or services are local businesses with local customers located somewhere in the world and if you become an OMM you provide an important step in helping both that business and their customers to building up their local economy and other OMMs could be doing the same in your local economy where you benefit.

                               See how OMMs operate in Global Cloud Productivity  -  GCP
  Blue Dot Almost anyone can be an OMM and get a local advantage
    The OMM business has a very low entry to get started, as little as $5 could get a start, anyone with some spare time can participate and gain in many ways through several added incentives, you could be a stay at home mom who has some extra time to spare that can come in handy when deals for products like groceries or even gas for the car can be won locally for less than 20% of the full selling prices.

  Blue Dot OMMs can be someone who wants that extra advantage
    An OMM could be someone who is retired or even between jobs and wanting to get better prices to make up ground that normal full prices have made it so difficult to afford.

    Blue Dot Add your email to the Pre-Registration  -  you will be notified when registrations begin
    Register as an Open Market Maker
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