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The Art of being a Collector
Art of Collectors
.  .  is to own assets and fully benefit from the investment
Cloudfunding shifts the economics

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Collecting things has been an obsession with people forever!

Collecting things of value has been a universal obsession with people all throughout history  -  some things may only be valuable to the individual or be seen as valuable across a society  -  items like Art, where works from masters can have various levels of uniqueness and therefore become more valuable, making them accessible only to those that can afford to pay higher prices.

There's no doubt that without the dynamics of someone wanting to pay more for something than others is the true function of markets  -  there're markets like share markets and currency markets with dynamics that operate with small values that make up a small share of a company and can be collected on mass, which can gain or lose value due to the levels of demand  -  these sometimes volatile markets, compared to the more refined Art market, have a lower cost of entry and more broadly available to a larger number of people, and are usually displayed and traded in real time ( index displays ), with liquidity at the press of a button.

The Art market and collectors market of unique things operates with large values and at a much slower pace, mainly due to holding the items as an asset for longer and creating the rarity of being available to buy  -  Real Estate is a mixture of markets, with large numbers of unique items available to a broad number of people that many tend to hold long term but still hoping to get a return on their investment.

Real estate is a slow moving behemoth

Real Estate is a market used by many countries as an economic tool to direct capital into their economies to inflate values, mainly via lending that often has a low entry point through low deposits, incentivizing a broader number of people  -  as a wealth creator it gives borrowers the feeling that they have more wealth and have more disposable income to spread around in the economy  -  and like other types of markets based inside the financial markets Real Estate property prices can rise and fall according to the financial market conditions, placing many people in financial trouble due of the large proportion in outstanding debt  -  not like Art that can hold, even increase value during a financial down-turn.

The Real Estate market operates more like 'musical chairs' with many people hoping to sell at the highest possible price in the financial cycle to someone who may misjudge the market, or just wants to sit with property long term  -  either way when the market turns the value lost on the asset is the new owners' loss  -  the problem lies in the overall value of the asset and the amount needed to borrow for any purchase ( less the deposit ), which can spread over two or three decades in many cases before it's paid off  -  enough time, as history has shown, for at least one but most likely two to three major falls in prices during the life of the loan, which usually means selling to clear the debt or paying heavily through higher interest rates to hold onto the property.

Many see Real Estate just like owning Art

Outright ownership isn't usually thought about in Real Estate, there's always been the other party steering the markets by selling loans with low deposits to lower the entry barrier  -  what Cloudfunding does is it lowers the entry barrier so more people can participate in the market, but adding one important feature, which is gaining outright ownership of the property at the initial purchase.

Real Estate is listed at the high market prices and purchased outright using Cloudfunding  -  this means outright ownership of property is available to anyone to buy from the full 100% market price down to 10%  -  Cloudfunding changes the Real Estate property market from a slow moving behemoth to a market that's more connected to the real local economies due to its direct link back to real productivity  -  the Real Estate property turnover and prices paid by buyers in local economies governs and determines the markets' value and growth.

For anyone already holding an existing mortgage, the timeline of loans can be shortened considerably with Cloudfunding  -  the process is the same as an outright property purchase just with smaller Smart Contract repayments that're able to be bid for or bought to pay down loans faster to reduce the exposure to price falls and interest payments.

New economic 'building blocks' under-pin local real estate values

Cloudfunding operates with an economic infrastructure that allows market dynamics to perform autonomously compared to other markets that are driven more by the financial industry.  

-  it means Cloudfunding can maintain the high market prices for Real Estate independently during any down-turn, allowing buying and selling to continue based on the full market prices that is under-pinned within each local market because of its link to true productivity values back in the local economies.  

-  this is regardless of the general markets that can fall due to any number of market forces ( mainly from the lack of credit and the build up of too much debt )  -  Cloudfunding sets a market high benchmark based on time and value to allow those buyers that may have bought at the high end of the market cycle have a soft transition out of the speculative markets and into a stable market that's based on capital that has circulated through a true productivity cycle  -  effectively, maintaining the higher benchmark prices helps to soften the impact that a property bust has on local economies that go through the credit cycle.

-  importantly it means whenever there's an upward increase in market prices that the Global Chamber of Economies tracks and maintains for the local ( Chamber of Economies ) market prices via the GPI ( Global Price Index ), it follows any new price increase in the general local market ( that moves above the local local CoE market prices ), gives owners a major benefit of their investment.



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Price Demand

Economic Building Blocks
Building Blocks are collected and used to buy Real Estate property

Smart Contract Building Blocks are fully monetized through Open Market Makers competing to win deals while validating their free digital capital  -  OMMs are the new Market Makers influencing markets that have adopted Cloudfunding to drive their industries  -  once Building Blocks are fully monetized they're released to the potential local buyers using Price Demand to find the eventual winning buyer.

Economic Infrastructure Hierarchy
    Banking                                                                                                   Cloudfunding    
    >  Credit/Debt    -    Distribution    -    Productivity                               >   Productivity    -    Distribution    -    Free Capital      
Cloudfunding doesn't create money, it digitally aligns with local currencies already in local economies and perpetually redistributes it using technology that stimulates the flow of Capital through better economics, via a decentralized and democratic consensus using Productivity as the leading catalyst  -  with the end focus of increasing the economic growth in those local economies.

Communities gain the technology to counter the inequality that's been building over the last decades when they help to establish local Chambers to expand the Global Chamber of Economies  -  building out the alliance can bring new levels of economic growth to all local economies  -  giving local communities control of wage growth along with better buying power to deleverage away from credit and debt and offset the inflation of prices.


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