Subliminal Interactive Advertising      .  .  brings Subliminal Interactive Advertising to Hospitality, and everywhere else!
Hospitality's advertising future is subliminal, free and ubiquitous
- but without all the creepy targeting and surveillance
.  .  it's the next generation in digital advertising
.  .  it's not just for the hospitality industry
.  .  it's mobile, so it's everwhere!

Subliminal Interactive Advertising works from any Seller,
exponentially increasing audience engagement with
Game Theory and FOMO
Imagine, instead of users going to OTAs to find discounted rooms
there was just a simple interaction happening subliminally
and quietly in the background, controlled automatically
by your input and needs  -  that's how siAds work
Audiences control when they Opt-In and Out
 -  while Hospitality Brands sit back and get the sales,
without targeting or annoying their audiences

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Hospitality Brands can now gain a % of the local economy's sales
.  .  by taking a new leading role in directly stimulating local productivity
.  .  where sellers gain full profits - buyers gain affordable buying prices
Coffee Something as simple as selling a cup of coffee at a local Cafe
can be changed with SIA - Subliminal Interactive Advertising.

Restaurateurs can monetize multiple quantities of coffee deals
at full selling prices ready for customers to buy.

Local customers get incentivized with cascading buying prices,
without it affecting the seller's full selling prices.

What price would you pay for a coffee?

Maybe it's an affordable Electric Vehicle that you want?
SIA distributes the economic value of local and global products and services in micro-values,
subliminally and free, for users to use as working capital to help monetize seller inventories

A consumer can download an App to operate in the background collecting the free working capital
-  then set their account with perimeters to automatically help monetize local or global seller inventories,
-  as well as automatically compete to buy affordable local products and services as they are released

The early internet's business model has been digital advertising, where big tech has

centralized control over sellers and buyers  -  funding their enterprises by sellers

paying to advertise, while targeting ads at the global crowd

Cloudfunding flips that model around by decentralizing control by giving sellers free

tools to sell their products and services to incentivized buyers  -  while giving the

global crowd the financial benefits of subliminal advertising

A world without ads, at least how ads are shown today!
It would be a consumer's ultimate dream of seeing less ads
.  .  but importantly it could be a brand's ultimate revenue stream!
Subliminal Interactive Advertising does both!
Subliminal Advertising
Global Digital Advertising
is re-engineered so it's
free and locally controlled

In this digital era where ad fatigue and targeted advertising
is having such a negative effect on audiences  -  Cloudfunding
brings free Subliminal Interactive Advertising to local Commerce
" Cloudfunding does for modern economies in tokenizing the local economic value                                 

                                        .  . 
as what the invent of coinage did for commerce and trade in ancient times! "
" Now,  local economic value is universally issued, owned and governed by the people,  for the people             

                                                         .  .  to fully monetize productivity across global commerce and trade! "
Subliminal Interactive Advertising sells inventories, not ads
SIA - Subliminal Interactive Advertising
.  .  disrupts big tech's surveillance model
.  .  and reinvents digital advertising!
siAds    .  .  sells real things, not ads
.  .  making it free and subliminal
.  .  across a bigger market!
SIA gives Hospitality an interactive model that sells Brands
to an incentivized audience!
Rules for the New Digital Economy will be written
by those who see past the early gate-keepers!

Subliminal Interactive Advertising takes all the negatives
and completely flips Online Digital Advertising around
to form a new eco-system, where everyone benefits!

Economic Engine - Subliminal

Consumers no longer need to be 'the product' for Online
Advertising  -  but be in control of where, when and how
they buy products and services, that they really want!

Advertising has always been intangible and unaccountable,
but by changing the dynamics in Commerce
.  .  it's now the internet's accountable and ubiquitous currency!
SIA opens up Hospitality Brands to the Main Street frontier that has
largely been a forgotten and untapped resource  -  SMEs control
more value, more workers and contributes more to economies
-  and they all have one major thing in common, they all want sales!

SIA's economies of scale track the economic value of local
seller inventories, distributing it across local user networks
and the internet, without all the creepy surveillance stuff,
but with serendipitous commerce that starts by
 . .

local users tapping into Main Street's economic value

utilizing a global market maker network to drive sales

monetizing seller inventories at 100% selling prices

incentivizing sellers with a free and wider exposure

incentivizing buyers with 'cascading' buying prices
  A bigger Economies of Scale and decentralized distribution levels the playing field

Ever since the Internet began, it's been known that it lacked the economic infrastructure to seamlessly transition Commerce from the Old Economy to the New Digital Economy  -  the early stages of the Internet allowed a new breed of incumbents the time to establish new gateways ( moats ), sending many industries into a generation of serfs serving those with controlling power  -  Cloudfunding is building out that missing economic infrastructure with a long term focus on a much bigger global scale, challenging those incumbents that have used data collection and targeted surveillance advertising against users.
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